Realtime Vanilla and Plum Gin

Realtime Vanilla and Plum Gin

I have a ton of Victoria Plums in the garden and few bottles of gin in the cupboard so instead of the same old plum jam or crumble I thought we will mix things up with this Vanilla and Plum Gin recipe.

Join me on a journey of discovery this Sunday for what I’m calling a realtime ginalong! Having never tried this recipe before it could be a complete disaster or an absolute belter. Either way we’ll find out together when it’s ready in December just in time for the festive season.

If you don’t have a plum tree in the garden ask around, you’re bound to know somebody who has one. Friends and family please contact myself or Gary and we can donate a bag for this worthy cause!

Vanilla and Plum Gin Ingredients

800g Plums
300g Granulated sugar
1 litre of Gin

100g Granulated Sugar
1 Vanilla pod

Vanilla and Plum Gin

Step one: Pick your plums, ensure they are not over ripe, bruised and are free from creatures! Wash the plums, pat dry then prick each one with a fork.

Vanilla and Plum Gin


Step two: Add the plums, 300g of granulated sugar and Gin to a large sterile Kilner jar, the plums must be completely submerged in the gin. Shake daily until the sugar has dissolved then leave in a cool dark place for two months.

Vanilla and Plum Gin


Step three: Sample the Gin after two months, add extra sugar if required. Add the vanilla pod and shake. The mixture needs at least one more month to infuse. You may want to taste weekly to check the strength of the vanilla and remove the pod when your tastebuds are happy with the flavour.

Step four: When the Gin is ready strain the mixture and pour into a sterile bottle. You may want to have a final check of the sweetness and add more sugar if necessary. Do not discard the plums, apparently they will be deliciously pickled! I will look into this and see what we can do with them so keep an eye out for updates.

If you have any questions please get in touch. I’d love to hear how your infusion is going and see any pictures you have taken.

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