A Prosecco Getaway in London

A Prosecco Getaway in London

A Prosecco getaway in London filled with Italian food, theatre and rain!



In my last blog I mentioned that I’d won two tickets to Prosecco Springs 2018, thanks to Bottega’s Facebook competition. In a blind panic I made all the arrangements for last weekend. Luckily we were able to swap our travel and booked a hotel for the night to make a weekend of it.


8am Friday we were on the first of three trains and by 1pm we were on our way to Prosecco Springs. Google maps managed to guide us to the venue that was tucked away in an industrial area of town. On arrival we were given a Passport and told we could have a glass from each of the 8 hand picked producers. I felt like a kid with a free pass to a sweet shop!


The fantastic Harry Brunt Trio jazz band filled the quirky venue with uplifting music. Authentic (delicious) Italian street food complemented the Prosecco and was surprisingly reasonable for an event in London.


I genuinely loved all of the Prosecco but if I had to pick favourites it would be Bottega, Costello di Roncade and Vigna Belvedere. Each one stood out in their own special way. The 8th stamp came with a final glass of Prosecco and signalled the end of the event. It was a fabulous day and I’m really thankful to Bottega, Prosecco Springs and the other 7 producers for a wonderful afternoon.


Five things

I came away with five things from my visit to Prosecco Springs;

  1. I like extra dry Prosecco
  2. The Conegliano Valdobbiadene area is the home of the best Prosecco
  3. Northern ladies on the last Saturday night train from Kings Cross pronounce it: Pro-zeh?-ccoo
  4. Frozza can produce 120,000 bottles of delicious Prosecco with just 2 employees
  5. You can tour some of these fabulous vineyards from as little at 10 Euros, you know where my next holiday will be!

Sartori Restaurant & Pizzeria

How do you finish an amazing day filled with Italian food and Prosecco? By finding the best Italian in Covent Garden, eating more Italian food and drinking more Italian wine! I had to mention Sartori Restaurant & Pizzeria as very rarely do I eat in a restaurant and come out 100% happy with every aspect of the meal. We knew we had made the right choice when we realised it was filled with Italian customers enjoying a Friday night out.

Rain, rain and more rain

Saturday was a washout so we decided to spend time out of the rain with a spot of shopping and a show in the West End. We managed to stumble upon some quaint shops/stalls walking around Covent Garden. London makes Gary very patriotic and 24 hours in the city had made him desperate to buy some London tat. Thankfully we came back with three interesting etchings of London landmarks by Dorothy Lloyd Griffiths, rather than a vast range of Union Jack and Royal Family souvenirs. The etchings are really unique and will fit the style of our Victorian home we are restoring.

After shopping we headed over to the Prince Edward theatre to watch Disney’s Aladdin. As a life long fan of all things Disney, it kills me to write this review so I will keep it short! It was a painful 2 hours 30 minutes watching my favourite Disney movie being reduced to an amateur pantomime. I really hope the live action movie is not as disappointing.

We finished the fun and exhausting trip as we started, more Italian food and more Italian wine. A quick visit to platform 9 3/4 was a must before catching the train home.

To celebrate our Italian themed getaway I have created a Prosecco cocktail.


The Delectably English Country Garden Prosecco

Preparation: 5 minutes

Serves: 1

100 ml Bottega Gold Prosecco

5 ml Fresh lemon juice

30 ml Edinburgh Gin’s elderflower Liquor

50 ml Apple juice

  1. Squeeze 5 ml fresh lemon juice into a glass, add the elderflower liquor, apple juice and top up with Bottega Gold.
  2. Garnish with a strawberry and serve.

Perfect for per-dinner drinks, garden parties, afternoon tea, BBQ’s and sunny evenings.

The Delectably English Country Garden Prosecco is suitable for 18+ years, please drink responsibly.

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