Raspberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Raspberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Raspberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting are as delicious as they are pretty. Tart raspberries and white chocolate are a tantalising combination, perfect for parties or afternoon tea. These elegant Cupcakes will not disappoint.

Raspberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Edible flowers can brighten up salads, add a touch of class to cocktails and enhance cakes. Crystallised flowers are perfect for decorating cakes. The process is a little time-consuming but strangely satisfying. It’s well worth it and they will keep for up to a year so take some time out of your weekend to make a good batch.

Raspberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

I use pansies because they’re easy to grown, come in a variety of colours and are really pretty. It took me and my helper (thank you Jo) just under an hour to prepare 30 pansies.

Raspberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Crystallising Edible Flowers

100g Caster Sugar
1 Egg white, lightly whisked
Edible flowers

Pre-heat the oven to 100C (¼ gas). Put the three ingredients into separate bowls and have a small plate to work on. Use a small brush to paint the flowers with the egg white then sprinkle with sugar, make sure the flowers are completely covered. Place them on a baking tray that has been lined with baking paper. Once you have completed all the flowers pop them in the oven keeping the door slightly open for two hours or until dry.

Raspberry Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Raspberry Cupcakes

3 Large eggs
Approximately 200g of:-
Caster sugar
Unsalted butter, room temperature cut into cubes
Self-raising flour, sift
1 tsp Vanilla extract
1 tsp Baking powder
150g Fresh Raspberries, Chopped in halved


White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

125g soft cream cheese, I use mascarpone
30g Unsalted butter, room temperature
100g White chocolate, melted using a bain-marie
200g Icing sugar, sift


Raspberry Cupcake

Step one: Preheat the oven to 180 C/ 170 C fan/ gas mark 4. Line a muffin tin with 12 muffin cases. Weigh the three eggs (including the shells), this will be the weight you need in caster sugar, unsalted butter and self-raising flour.

Step two: Beat the butter with the sugar until pale and fluffy. Whisk in one egg at a time until the mixture is smooth.

Step three: Add the baking powder to the flour. Fold in half of the flour at a time using a tablespoon until fully combined.

Step four: Spoon one dessert spoon of the mixture into 12 muffin cases then add three raspberry halves and top up with the remaining batter, ensure the cases are no more than 3/4 full otherwise they will spill over. Pop them into the oven for 20-25 minutes. The best way to check your buns are cooked is to stick a thin skewer into the centre of a bun, it should come out clean. If there is some batter on the stick then they need a little longer. Allow to cool for 45-60 minutes, do not attempt to decorate whilst the buns are warm as it will melt the frosting.


White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Step one: Whilst the cupcakes are cooling it’s time to start the frosting. Mix the cream cheese and butter together until well combined. Beat in the melted white chocolate then gently whisk in the icing sugar.

Step two: Use a palette knife to smother cupcakes with the frosting before decorating with the crystallised flowers. If the frosting is too soft put it in fridge to firm it up, it should be light and silky, not too stiff. The flowers are very brittle so handle with care. Now it’s time to impress your friends and family.

Cake Tips

I use this basic recipe (minus the raspberries) for most of my cakes, it’s quick, reliable, and versatile. You have to follow the tips below to ensure your cake is light and fluffy!
The butter and eggs must be at room temperature.
Only beat in one egg at a time.
Don’t over work or beat in the flour, fold in until combined then stop.
Keep in an airtight container. Best consumed within 3 days, if they last that long!

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