Rich, Smooth and Divine Chocolate Tart

Rich, Smooth and Divine Chocolate Tart

My Rich, Smooth and Divine Chocolate Tart is just plain naughty, making it the perfect way to spoil your special Valentine.


I get so much from baking. It helps me relax, I get satisfaction from people’s enjoyment of my goodies and it evokes emotional memories.

I’m going against the theme of the blog with my Chocolate Tart, It’s not my recipe or inspired by my garden. The recipe is from my husband, Gary, and is inspired by love. This Chocolate Tart holds one of my most precious memories from when Gary and I lived with my parents.

Divine Chocolate Tart
Rich, Smooth and Divine Chocolate Tart

I came home from work one day to find mum and Gary in a compromising position on the back garden. Mum was on her back with Gary straddling her smushing a banana in her face. It turns out that she had started a food fight by pelting Gary with rotten tomatoes.

Their unique relationship meant the world to me and we have so many happy and funny stories from this period. It was during this time that Mum would regularly come home with the ingredients for the tart and demand that Gary make it for her.

So with it being Valentine’s Day this week I thought it would be nice to share my mum’s favourite chocolate tart and the happy memories it evokes, I hope you enjoy ?

Chocolate Tart
Rich, Smooth and Divine Chocolate Tart


People have been asking about Berty so I thought it was time for a little pupdate. Bert lost quite a bit of weight due to muscle wastage from the steroids he is on. He is responding well to Chemo so we have been able to decrease his steroids. Since reducing the steroids he has started to put weight back on and not shown any further symptoms of brain disease, MUA.

The vet is very happy with Bert’s progress following the second course of Chemo this week. The specialist advised us that the earlier a dog with MUA responds to treatment the better his life expectancy will be. They still can’t give us an idea of time we have with Bert as he could relapse at any time but the news is definitely positive. He is back to his cheeky, naughty self and we are making the most of our precious time together.


We have been back a week and I still can’t get my head out of the clouds. Geilo may not have a huge mountain range like many of the popular resorts across Europe but it certainly makes up for it in charm. The resort is mainly popular with locals and offers a large selection of runs from green to Black as well as snow parks and cross-country skiing.

The pretty tree-lined slopes are well maintained, wide and extremely quiet. Geilo is perfect for people like us who want to build confidence and enjoy having the mountain all to themselves!

Geilo, Norway

We have stayed at the stunning Forest Cabins for the last two years. The traditional log cabins are dotted around the forest at the bottom of the slopes. They are fully equipped with everything you need and even have added luxuries such as a log fire and sauna. Cabin life is fantastic, chilling out in the cabin after a day on the slopes is the best way to recuperate.

Geilo Norway

Norway is ridiculously expensive, it’s actually quite amusing. £21 for a glass of Prosecco and bottle of cider was probably the most outrageous! We go prepared taking minimal clothing and pack our cases full of alcohol and supplies to last the week. To keep the costs down we eat in for three nights and take a stroll into the quaint little village for the other nights.

Strangely enough getting to Geilo is actually quite reasonable. We travelled with Crystal ski and took advantage of the SkiPlus offer. This includes pretty much everything apart from boot hire and paid around £600pp.

Geilo Norway

The prices aren’t the only extreme thing in Norway, the weather was also petty wild. Whilst in Geilo we experienced the deepest snow and coldest weather, it peaked at -26. It was so cold and snowy it turned us into big kids. Semi naked snow angels, face plants, snow diving, snowball fights and building snowmen where daily antics. I’m so happy that nobody has ever told Norway about the UK’s ‘too cold to snow’ rule.

Rich, Smooth and Divine Chocolate Tart

This chocolate tart is really simple to make. It’s delicious and looks so professional people will think you have bought it from a patisserie.

Preparation time: 10 Minutes
Cooking time: 10 Minutes
Cooling time: 2 Hours
Serves 24.


1 Large (30cm) or 2 small (20cm) Ready baked sweet shortcrust pastry case from the supermarket, it’s fine to be lazy!
300ml Double cream
15g Golden caster sugar
Pinch of sea salt
100g Unsalted butter, softened
250g 74% Dark Chocolate, broken up
200g Of your loved ones favourite milk chocolate, broken up
80g Semi-skimmed milk, chilled
100g Chopped roast hazelnuts
Double cream to serve.


1. Gradually bring the double cream, sugar and salt to the boil. Stirring frequently with a wooden spoon.

2. Once the cream has started to boil remove from the heat and stir in the butter and chocolate until completely melted.

3. Pour in the milk and gently stir through until smooth and glossy.

4. Tip the gooey mixture into the tart cases. Allow to cool slightly before covering with the hazelnuts. Leave to set for two hours.

Serve with a drizzle of double cream.

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Millilitres and grams are the same when it comes to milk, cream, creme fraiche and yogurt. So for example in this recipe the 80ml semi-skimmed milk equates to 80g.

For a festive twist on this recipe you should try my Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cardamom Tart. Terry’s Chocolate Orange melted into a tart with a hint of Cardamom, Christmas in a tart!

Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cardamom Tart
Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cardamom Tart

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