The Delectable Garden Is 1

The Delectable Garden Is 1

I’m writing this post from The Delectable Garden. Looking at what I have manage to achieve in the garden, as well as thinking about all the amazing things that have happened as a result of the blog.

The Delectable Garden

The past year has been crazy and gone so fast. I’ve celebrated so many successes thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts and try my recipes. Commenting, sharing and liking my posts across social media has helped spread my recipes across the globe.

The first year in numbers:

17,000- Post views

10,000- Visitors to the website

7000- Views of my most popular recipe, Rhubarb and Ginger Gin

3000- Social media followers

652- Current Foodies100 ranking (out of over 5000)

3- Times Foodista Food and Drink Blog of the Day.

When I started the blog I was very nervous and tremendously shy to talk about it. Cooking is my comfort blanket, when life gets crazy and things get me down my sanctuary is the kitchen. Exposing my refuge to the world for judgment was terrifying. However after 12 wonderful months of unconditional love and support from friends and family I’m now thrilled to invite you into my kitchen and The Delectable Garden.

The Delectable Garden Party

I threw a small garden party last weekend. It was a treat to have some of my biggest supporters in one place to thank them in person and share The Delectable Garden’s 1st Birthday.

The Delectable Garden

Preparation for the garden party started weeks before. Although I have put a lot of time and effort into the garden over the past year, it has been neglected for so long that weeding felt like I was entering a battle field. Forests of nettles, thick blackberry thorns weaving around the garden like barbed wire and a wasp’s nest were just a few enemies I had to neutralise before the big day.

The Delectable Garden

The Cakes

Inspiration for the buffet came from the produce that would be ready in my garden, just like my recipes. My good friend Kerry and I had our own bake-off that started well over 24 hours before the party:

Raspberry Millefeuille- to exhibit my fresh raspberries.

A tantalising Elderflower Cake- using the delicious Elderflower Curd and Elderflower Cordial I had made in June.

Lemon tart with fresh blueberry compote- The compote was so delicious I froze what was left to have with pancakes.

Pavlova Eaton Mess- a classic of mine in summer to make the most of strawberry season.

Kerry’s Lemon and Poppy Seed cake- not inspired by the garden but it’s so good it has to be included in every afternoon tea party!

An impressive surprise Birthday Cake- from my amazing aunty Ann who is my cake idol.

As well as the sweet stuff I also made my Roast Garlic, Tomato and Goat’s Cheese Tart. It tastes as good as it sounds and is really simple to make. Click the link for the recipe.

The Drinks

I set up a drinks stand so Gary, Kerry and myself could enjoy the day as much as everyone else. I made everything self-service because I like people to feel at home and comfortable enough to tuck in. Huge Kilner Jars with fruit water and Pimms were very refreshing on a particularly hot and sunny day. Buckets of ice-cold water made sure the Bottega Gold Prosecco stayed at optimum temperature. A Gin stand was also a must with elderflower cordial, berries, along with my first homegrown cucumber and pepper to accompany the Hendricks.

The Delectable Garden

The favourite part of my day was the fairground worthy candy floss machine we had borrowed from a friend, it was epic! Everyone seemed to have a good time and to my surprise all of the cakes disappeared. I just wish I could have invited more of you.

Thank You

A special thank you to Gary (the hubby) for taste testing all my recipes and spell checking every post! You did a fab job decorating the garden for the party.

I’d also like to thank Bottega Gold who have supported me since day one.

Here’s to many more years of fun at The Delectable Garden ?

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