Strawberry and Prosecco Ice Lollies

Strawberry and Prosecco Ice Lollies

Strawberries and Prosecco in an ice lolly, what’s not to love about this quick, easy, and delectable recipe!

Strawberry and Prosecco Ice Lollies

Love it or hate it Wimbledon is here. The disruption of Neighbours on BBC growing up was enough to put me off for life! That said we are all united over our love of strawberries and Prosecco, with an expected 28 tonnes of strawberries being consumed this year at Wimbledon alone!

So if you have an abundance of strawberries in the garden and Prosecco in the fridge what better way is there to refresh yourself during the next two weeks?

Strawberry and Prosecco Ice Lollies


400g Fresh ripe strawberries, with stalks removed.
2tbsp Lemon Verbena infused caster sugar, see how to guide.
4tsb Elderflower cordial
2tsp Lemon juice
160mls chilled Prosecco


Step one: Put all the ingredients apart from the Prosecco into a blender and blitz. Pass through a sieve placed over a jug then stir in the Prosecco.

Step two: Pour into ice lolly moulds leaving a centimetre gap from the top, then place in the freezer for 6-8 hours to set. This should make approximately 8 lollies.

Tips: Ice lollies containing alcohol melt faster so serve straight away. Do not be tempted to add more Prosecco, if you do the lollies will not freeze! If you struggle to remove the lollies from their mould run under a hot tap for a few seconds. These are best eaten within a week.

Contains alcohol, suitable for 18+ years, please enjoy responsibly.

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