Mint Hot Chocolate

Mint Hot Chocolate

Velvety, rich and indulgent, this Mint Hot Chocolate delivers a serious chocolate hit when you need it.

This week I wanted to share a cocktail recipe, blackberries are in season and they are amazing in cocktails. However with the 24 hours of rain we have just had I feel more like putting my loungewear on and lighting the fire rather than going out drinking cocktails. So instead of waiting for winter to post this I thought I’d treat you now!

If you have not bought a Chocolate Mint plant after my Mint Chocolate and Roast Hazelnut Brownie post then you need to for this Chocolate Mint Hot Chocolate.

Mint Hot Chocolate


500ml Semi skimmed milk
100g Good quality 75% dark chocolate, roughly chopped
3 tsp Coconut sugar
2 tbsp Double cream
2 Sprigs fresh chocolate mint (herb)


Place the Sprigs of mint between your palms and gently rub back and froward a few times to bruise the leaves. Add the mint, sugar and milk to a pan and heat on low-medium setting for approximately 4 minutes, stir frequently. Just before the milk reaches boiling point remove from the heat, scoop out the sprigs of mint, then whisk in the chocolate and cream. Enjoy in your favourite mug.

This will make two cups.


The milk is nearly at boiling point when it starts to turn frothy. The mint will also wilt and the leaves turn dark green.

Use a plastic whisk if you are using a nonstick pan.

You can leave out the cream if it’s too rich for your taste.

If you don’t have coconut sugar you can swap this for brown sugar, however coconut sugar is delicious. Aldi have started selling it at a reasonable price.

You know the rules by now……. you like it, you share it ?

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