Cocktails at The Delectable Garden

Cocktails at The Delectable Garden

Three classic cocktails with The Delectable Garden twist. I adore cocktails, they are fun to make and drink. Whether I’m at home entertaining family and friends or on a night out cocktails are always on the menu! I’m lucky enough to like most spirits so I enjoyed ‘working’ on these to get them right for you ?.

Cocktails at The Delectable Garden

Blackberries are in season and growing everywhere at the moment, they are a particular favourite of mine so I decided to experiment with different spirits to make three amazing cocktails. Thornless verities are available which makes them more suitable for the garden. If you don’t have any growing in your garden then have a stroll around a local park or the country side, you’re bound to stumble across some so make sure you take a bag with you.

Cocktails at The Delectable Garden

Cocktails are very personal, everyone has their own favourite and preference to how they like them. I prefer stronger cocktails that full of flavour so please play around with the measures and ingredients to suit your tastebuds.

The Delectable Bramble

60ml Gin
15 ml Creme de cassis
15 ml Simple syrup
30 ml Lemon juice
4 Blackberries
Pansies and blackberries to serve

Crush the blackberries in a cocktail mixer with a muddler. Add in the gin, creme de cassis, syrup and lemon juice then give it a good shake. Serve in a small tumbler filled with crushed ice and garnish with pansies and blackberries.

Bramble cocktail

Blackberry Mojito

60 ml Bacardi
30 ml Creme de cassis
2 tsp Brown sugar
1.5 Lime juice
1 Sprig of mint
8 Blackberries
Soda water
Lime wedges and mint to serve

Muddle the Bacardi, Creme de cassis, lime juice, brown sugar, mint and blackberries in a cocktail mixer. Pour into a tall glass filled with ice, top up with soda water and serve with a couple of lime wedges and a sprig of mint.

Blackberry Cosmopolitan

60ml Vodka
30 ml Creme de cassis
30 ml Simple syrup
120ml Fresh cloudy lemonade, from the fridge not the fizzy verity.
4 Blackberries
Pansies to serve

Crush the blackberries in a cocktail mixer then pour in the vodka, creme de cassis, simple syrup and cloudy lemonade. Add plenty of ice and give it a good shake. Use a fine sieve to strain the cocktail into a martini glass and serve with a single pansy.

Blackberry Cosmopolitan

Simple syrup

240g granulated sugar
200ml water

Heat the sugar and water in a pan until it reaches boiling point and the sugar has melted. Continue to boil and stir for 1 minute. Allow to cool slightly before pouring into a sterile glass bottle. This will keep up to a month in the fridge.

Each cocktail recipe is based on one serving.

Creme de cassis is a French blackcurrant liquor that is delicious and is available from most supermarkets. An alternative is Creme de mure which is traditionally used in a Bramble cocktail and is a blackberry liquor. It’s simple to make your own Homemade Creme De Mure, click on the link for the recipe.

I want to see your cocktails! Please send your photos to me on Facebook or Instagram @Thedelectablegarden

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The Delectable Garden Cocktails contain alcohol so are only suitable for 18+ years, please drink responsibly.

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