Orange and Bay Infused Gin

Orange and Bay Infused Gin

Orange and Bay Infused Gin is fresh and crisp with a delightful hint of sweet orange and fragrant bay leaves.

Taking just 3 days to infuse and using only 3 ingredients makes it my simplest infusion yet. It’s a perfect infusion for parties during the festive season and will impress all of your gin loving friends.

Orange and Bay Infused Gin

The Delectable Garden is looking a little sad at the moment. It’s littered with Oak leaves, lacking in colour and running out of fresh produce. I’ve loved watching and discovering the garden since we moved in (March) and have enjoyed the fruits of labour, from the previous owners. The majority of the house work will hopefully be completed by the New Year so I’m determined to switch my focus and energy. I’d like to add to the garden so that autumn and winter are equally as exciting as spring and summer. I’ve managed to freeze and preserve some produce from the garden and my herb garden is still going strong. I also planted evergreen herbs this year such as Bay, Rosemary and Sage to see me through winter.

I’d like to dedicate this post to Daisy who we lost recently. She was a good old hen and The Delectable Garden won’t feel the same. I’ll miss her destroying my pretty flowers, terrorising the poor dogs and her large delicious eggs.

Orange and Bay Infused Gin

Orange and Bay Infused Gin

500mls Gin
1 Orange
2 Fresh bay leaves

1. Use a vegetable peeler to remove two strips of rind and keep them to one side. Be careful not to remove the white pith with it as the pith is what makes citrus fruits bitter.

2. Keep halving the orange until you have eight slices. Use a sharp knife to cut along the line where the fruit meets the pith and discard the pith.

3. Put the orange rind and fruit into a large sterilised jar. Rinse and crumple the bay leaves then add to the jar and top up with the gin. Shake daily for three days and keep in a cool dark place.

4. On the third day pour the mixture through a fine sieve into a jug, then pour straight into a sterile glass bottle. Don’t squeeze the fruit mix when passing through the sieve, allow it to stand and drip through.

Enjoy with cold tonic water and plenty of ice. Garnish with bay leaves and orange rind.

Perfect for festive parties or bottled as a homemade gift.

For 18+ years, please drink responsibly.

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